The illustrated story of Eric Stanton and the rise of American fetish art, featuring Gene Bilbrew, John Willie, Bettie Page, Charles Guyette, and underground publishers like Irving Klaw, Leonard Burtman, Edward Mishkin. With over 400 rare images and personal photos. Includes a fully illustrated Collector’s Guide, plus full index, detailing all his 1950s and ’60s paperback, digest, magazine work and his long-term association and involvement with his closest collaborator, Spider-Man and Doctor Strange co-creator, Steve Ditko.


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WINNER: 2018 Foreword INDIES Award

The illustrated story of Eric Stanton and the rise of American fetish art, featuring Steve Ditko, Bettie Page, John Willie, Charles Guyette, Irving Klaw, Leonard Burtman, Edward Mishkin, and Gene Bilbrew. With over 400 rare images and personal photos. Includes illustrated Collector’s Guide, plus full Index.

Tracing the rise of commercial fetish art from its shadowy beginnings in the 1940s to its acceptance in the 1970s, this illustrated biography explores the unconventional life and art of Eric Stanton, a pioneering sexual fantasist who helped shape the movement. With more than 400 rare images and interviews with Stanton’s family and closest associates, this biography chronicles the infamous circle of patrons, publishers, and cult icons populating his subterranean world, including Irving Klaw, John Willie, Bettie Page, Steve Ditko, and Gene Bilbrew. It is the untold, secret history of a misunderstood culture, the abuses of government authority, social intolerance, and gangsters. But above all, it is a tale about survival against all odds and an artist who had the courage to stay true to himself.

Editorial Reviews


“Eric Stanton has been described as the most famous fetish artist in the world, a claim well argued in a new book by fetish art enthusiast and historian Richard Pérez Seves. His exhaustive biography of the artist with its comprehensive catalogue of his output also embraces many other colourful folk such as Irving Klaw, Bettie Page, John Willie, Eneg, Leonard Burtman and Spider-Man creator Steve Ditko, who were part of Stanton’s world during the vintage fetish years…. Because of the many overlapping circles Stanton moved in, it is actually an impressively forensic record of an entire era―often referred to as the golden age of fetish publishing.”―Tony Mitchell, The Fetishistas (

“This long-awaited book tells this story as it should be told, with LOADS of black and white and color art reproductions, histories, collectors’ checklists with detailed descriptions and more… So if you have any interest in Eric Stanton, Gene Bilbrew, Steve Ditko, Boody Rogers, Irving Klaw, Charles Guyette, John Willie, Jerry Robinson, Bettie Page, Edward Mishkin, Leonard Burtman, Tana Louise, Stanley Malkin, Selbee, Burmel, Nutrix, Belier Press, Eros Goldstripe, Satellite, Peerless, Boone, Wee hours, Unique, After Hours, First Niter, Spider-Man, Doctor Strange, Sweet Gwendoline, Exotica magazine, Exotique magazine, Bizarre magazine, bondage, leather, boots, whips, chains, fantasy, sleaze, “The Deuce,” drugs, exploitation and sexploitation films, then this is the book for you!”―Howie Pyro, Dangerous Minds (

“Overall, Eric Stanton & the History of the Bizarre Underground should serve as required reading for anyone interested in the Underground art scene. The fact that it also serves to cast light on the very beginnings of Marvel is just a bonus.”―Thomas Hulett, Outright Geekery (

“Eric Stanton is not a mainstream figure in American comics, but he was part of a strange underground scene which has become so ingrained in this country’s consciousness that the man was overdue for an in-depth examination. Eric Stanton & the History of the Bizarre Underground provides that, combining his life story with an overview of the pre-hardcore days of the American pornography industry and a look at the influence his work has had on popular culture. Richard Pérez Seves has crafted a terrific look at the underbelly of the age of fake innocence.”―Rudy Panucci, PopCult (Charleston Gazette-Mail)

“This is a beautiful, perfect book. A loving homage to one of the best fetish artists the world will ever know. The great Eric Stanton finally has the biographer he deserves.”―Stephen Elliott, author of The Adderall Diaries and Happy Baby

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288 pages


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October 15, 2018